1.9 Keep Making!

[photos coming soon!]

Today was our final opportunity to get our work finished. We had already been working in two groups, half the class working on the boxes and half on the objects to go inside, so today we paired up with one person from each group. We had a quick class discussion first to make sure everyone knew what they needed to be doing, and we introduced lots of new materials that might be good for lining and finishing the boxes and for creating a special place for the models to be housed in.

Everyone then got on with it! Each pair looked at what they had to do and started experimenting with the materials and with the different pieces of wood that make up the box. We got out some screws and a electric screwdriver and began to join the bits together in new ways! Some pairs grouped together and joined their boxes to each other's so as to create even larger structures.

The groups and pairs also took time to consider how the objects inside the box would be protected and how they would be visible to the public. Some people designed windows that would be cut into the timber later on and others used transparent plastic to make new roofs.

By the end of the session everyone had completed their boxes and we where able to spend ten minutes talking about the next and final session where we will show all our work to families and other children in the school.